terça-feira, maio 15, 2007

Os Mutantes - Tudo Foi Feito Pelo Sol (1974)

"This is the first album for me to judge from OS MUTANTES. I have no comparison with the former released albums with Rita Lee in the line-up. Excepting the portuguese vocals the music sounds very british - space/psychedelic elements have the priority. Especially the guitars are often similar to MAN albums at this time.

Deixa Entrar Um Pouco D'Agua No Quintal is a very good opener with great variety. Pedro de Medeiros takes care of a strong fusion touch with his bass. Pitágoras is an amazing instrumental. The song has a symphonic flavour depending on the good moog and piano playing by Túlio Mourão. Unfortunately the track is only 7 minutes long. Desanuviar is a psychedelic atmospheric ballad and Sérgio Dias Baptista adds some asian feelings with his suitar at the end. Tudo Foi Feito Pelo Sol belongs to the best songs though the beginning sounds heavily like 'Hold your head up' from ARGENT. But afterwards the band is spinning very sweet melodies supported by beautiful vocals - surprisingly gliding into a groovy bluesy end with guitar playing which remembers me at AGITATION FREE.

The other songs I've not mentioned are also interesting to hear. But not so important for me because they are in a more Rock n' Roll mood. My summary: very enjoyable - an excellent production which can compete with european space/psychedelic productions without any difficulties.
(Uwe Zickel, ProgArchives)

Download: http://www.badongo.com/file/3057116

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