quinta-feira, novembro 30, 2006

Mammatus - Mammatus (2006)

"I knew right away what this one was going to sound like. Released on Holy Mountain? Song titles about forests and dragons? And look at that cover art. I said to myself, I did, "this is gonna sound like SLEEP!" And I was right. This sounds a lot like SLEEP. And trust me, that's a good thing.

Apparently this record was mostly jammed out and then the band went back and added in bits and pieces until they had complete tunes. Normally upon hearing such a thing, I'd be skeptical, but hey, however MAMMATUS manages to come up with these killers is fine by me. Seriously, this self-titled debut puts the band on the map with SLEEP and OM, droning on and on while rocking out at the same time. That's a tough thing to do, droning while rocking, but MAMMATUS pull it off quite well, even throwing in some psychedelia for added effect. Sure, the production is pretty terrible, but that's not a problem, it's a feature! We want that raw swing, that grizzled groove, and those ear-shredding solos.
(Wesley - The Metal Observer)

O pessoal do blog Stoned Guitar fez uma bacana apresentação (com direito a download, ca-laro) do disco:

quarta-feira, novembro 29, 2006

Morte Macabre - Symphonic Holocaust (1998)

"This is a musical collaboration with four of Sweden's best musicians in the progressive field. Two members of Anekdoten (Nicklas Berg & Peter Nordins) and two members of Landberk (Stefan Dimle & Reine Fiske), playing those legendary horror movie soundtracks. The CD includes 8 tracks. The edition is 1000 ex. The first 500 copies are packed in a beautiful special paper sleeve. The music is all-instrumental and contains music from "City Of The Living Dead"; "The Beyond"; "Rosemary's Baby"; "Beyond The Darkness"; "Cannibal Holocaust"; "Golden Girls" and two new songs: "Threats Of Stark Reality" and "Symphonic Holocaust", they are written by the four members of Morte Macabre.


This is definitely, without competition, the best album put out in 1998. It's also one of the best albums from the 90's. This is a true masterpiece in the progressive genre. If you like dark progressive rock like Goblin, Museo Rosenbach, Landberk, Cathedral and Italian horror movies, this is really something for you. Recommended!
(Greger Rönnqvist - Through Different Eyes)

Tracklist: Apoteosi del Mistero / Threats of Stark Reality / Sequenza Ritmica e Tema / Lullaby / Quiet Drops / Opening Theme / The Photosession / Symphonic Holocaust

(Parte 1)
(Parte 2)

quinta-feira, novembro 16, 2006

Globin - Suspiria: The Complete Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1977)

"Their score for Suspiria, Argento's shocker about witches at a German dance academy, is arguably Goblin's definitive masterpiece, a patchwork of different styles molded with the band's habitual sinister touch. The final effect is a devastating combination of experimental techniques as well as a source of inspiration for many a musician to come. John Carpenter and such metal bands as Cathedral and Skyclad have openly paid homage to the band's work."
(Fangoria #127)

Tracklist: Suspiria / Witch / Opening to the Sighs / Sighs / Markos / Black Forest / Blind Concert / Death Valzer / Suspiria (Celesta and Bells) / Suspiria (Narration) / Suspiria (Intro) / Markos (Alternate Version)

Download: http://rapidshare.com/files/3597126/g_-_1977_-_s.rar.html

Site: http://www.goblin.org

quarta-feira, outubro 25, 2006

Spiritual Beggars - Roskilde Festival (2000.07.01)

Tracklist: Wonderful World / Angel of Betrayal / Monster Astronauts / Sedated / Until The Morning Comes / Homage To Betrayed / Blind Mountain / Per Aspra Ad Astra / Broken Morning / Euphoria / Escaping The Fools

Download: http://rapidshare.com/files/635344/sp_-_2000_-_lr.rar.html

quinta-feira, outubro 12, 2006

Amiina Iceland Tv Performance

Amiina é formado por quatro musicistas islandesas que acompanham o Sigur Rós fazendo o trabalho de cordas e outros instrumentos mais.

Este vídeo é de uma apresentação num canal de TV da Islândia onde as moças mostram com muita beleza músicas do trabalho próprio delas. Instrumentos inusitados, belíssimos arranjos, climas, música.

Vinte e nove minutos preciosos.

María Huld Markan - violin
Hildur Ársælsdóttir - violin
Edda Rún Ólafsdóttir - viola
Sólrún Sumarliðadóttir - cello

sábado, outubro 07, 2006

Madeleine Peyroux - Half the Perfect World (2006)

Aproveitando o post sobre jazz do João, tae o novo disco da Madeleine Peyroux.

"Smokey-voiced chanteuse Madeleine Peyroux's third CD is a lovely collection of after-hours ruminations and should confirm her rise to fame. Credit producer Larry Klein for doing a bang-up job with the album's sound: the elegant, pared-down arrangements are all brushed drums, acoustic guitars, and cool organ licks. But of course it's Peyroux's voice that brings it all home--preferably one where the shades are drawn, embers are smoldering in the fireplace, and the white wine is kept dry. Two-thirds of the songs are well-chosen covers, including a duet with k.d. lang on Joni Mitchell's "River"; a relaxed version of Fred Neil's "Everybody's Talkin'," from Midnight Cowboy; a delicately lilting samba take on Leonard Cohen and Anjani Thomas's title track; Serge Gainsbourg's "La Javanaise," performed in the original French; and Charlie Chaplin's "Smile," from Modern Times. The four originals, all coauthored by Peyroux, easily keep up with such august company, especially "I'm All Right"--written with Klein and Walter Becker, it captures the easy sophistication of Becker's regular band, Steely Dan. Fans of Norah Jones (whose collaborator Jesse Harris cowrote three of the songs) should gobble up this album, but Peyroux is no mere imitator: She's her own, very real thing."
(Elisabeth Vincentelli)

Tracklist: I'm All Right / The Summer Wind / Blue Alert / Everybody's Talkin' / River / A Little Bit / Once in a While / (Looking for) The Heart of Saturday Night / Half the Perfect World / La Javanaise / California Rain / Smile

Download: http://rapidshare.de/files/31380247/mp_-_2006_-_
(Parte 1)
(Parte 2)

Site: http://www.madeleinepeyroux.com/

Kyuss - Muchas Gracias: The best of Kyuss (2000)

"Leave it to Kyuss -- a sorely underappreciated band whose music was so ahead of its time that its huge influence became apparent only after its demise -- to put out a best-of set that really isn't any such thing. In fact, Muchas Gracias: The Best of Kyuss is more of a collector's item, combining nine of the band's would-be hits (four of them in previously unreleased live versions) with no less than six album leftovers and B-sides. Predominantly instrumentals, few of these rarities actually approach the caliber of the band's incredible studio albums (the ultra-heavy "Shine," the frenetic "Flip the Phrase," and the epic "Sandpiper" come close) but Kyuss fanatics are bound to consider them a long-lost treasure nonetheless. For the first-time listener, however, Muchas Gracias paints an incomplete portrait that omits some of the cult heroes' best-known material, including the bludgeoning riffage of "Green Machine" and the space rock thrashing of "Odyssey." Neophytes are therefore advised to pick up either of the band's two best albums Blues for the Red Sun or Sky Valley instead."
(Ed Rivadavia, All Music Guide)

Tracklist: Un Sandpiper / Shine / 50 Million Year Trip (Downside Up) / Mudfly / Demon Cleaner / A Day Early and a Dollar Extra / I'm Not / Hurricane / Flip the Phase / Fatso Forgotso / El Rodeo / Gardenia [Live] / Thumb [Live] / Conan Troutman [Live] / Freedom Run [Live]

Download: http://rapidshare.de/files/35721290/k_-_2000_-_mgtbok.part1.rar.html (Parte 1)
http://rapidshare.de/files/35732433/k_-_2000_-_mgtbok.part2.rar.html (Parte 2)

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Sondre Lerche and The Faces Down Quartet - Duper Sessions (2006)

Em um antigo post que falei sobre o disco Summer Teeth do Wilco, comentei o nome deste cantor e compositor norueguês: Sondre Lerche. Como upei o disco para alguns amigos que já conhecem e gostam, não custava nada também colocá-lo à disposição aqui no blog, ainda mais levando-se em consideração a qualidade da música em questão.

Este disco é o terceiro deste rapaz de 23 anos. Diferentemente dos outros dois antecessores, este disco é total voltado ao jazz. Igualmente aos dois antecessores, este disco mantém a mesma linha no que tange belíssimos arranjos e ótimas canções. Pra quem gosta de boa música, taí a dica! Recomendo MUITO os dois primeiros discos: Faces Down (2002) e Two Way Monologue (2004).

01. Everyone's Rooting For You - 2:48
02. Minor Detail - 3:34
03. Across The Land - 1:17
04. The Curse Of Being In Love - 3:05
05. Dead End Mystery - 3:28
06. Night And Day - 2:23
07. Once In A While - 3:09
08. Human Hands - 2:34
09. (You Knocked Me) Off My Feet - 4:55
10. (I Wanna) Call It Love - 3:16
11. Nightingales - 3:31
12. I'm Not From Here - 2:01
13. You Sure Look Swell - 4:11
14. Untitled - 1:34


sexta-feira, julho 28, 2006

The Verve - EP (1992)

Eu gosto desse disco e não é pouco.

Tracklist: Gravity Grave / A Man Called Sun / She's a Superstar / Endless Life / Feel

Download: http://rapidshare.de/files/27399978/The_Verve_-_EP.rar.html

Site: http://www.theverve.co.uk/

quinta-feira, julho 27, 2006

Witchfinder General - Death Penalty (1982)

"Being described as a NWOBHM band, mainly because they came up in early 80's in Britain, this band was featured on those classic NWOBHM compilations. But now Witchfinder General stands for something else. They are a cult band that is bonded with the creation of the doom-metal genre among with other classic US bands like St. Vitus or Pentagram.

In the scene they came up from, there were other bands that were influenced by Black Sabbath, like Witchfynde, Quartz or Angel Witch, but on Witchfinder General's music, this influence is most evident. They were probably the heaviest band in the scene.

'Death Penalty' is their debut, where there is more of a Sabbathian hard rock influence than on 'Friends of Hell', which is more metal. One could describe their sound as jamming Sabbath doom rock, as the pace is usually more mid paced than slow. The songs are very groovy and they have a slightly psychedelic edge, mostly due do the distinctive style of Phil Cope's guitar work. Vocalist Zeeb Parkes, sings in the caracteristic Ozzy inluenced style, but less tortured and moaning.

The band name and the very cool album cover (a woman -with her dress conveniently torn- being poked by the band members) make it clear that lyrically they are inspired by occult themes. This album was released on CD in 1996. If you are a fan of 80's doom and you are lucky enough to find this album go and get it, it's a classic.

Tracklist: Invisible Hate / Free Country / Death Pentalty / No Stayer / Witchfinder General / Burning a Sinner / R.I.P.

Download: http://rapidshare.de/files/27221334/wg_-_

Site: http://www.witchfindergeneral.net

Pentagram - First Daze Here: The Vintage Collection (2002)

"'First Daze here - the vintage collection' is a compilation of early Pentagram recordings dating all the way back to early as 1971. While unknown to most newer fans of doom-metal, Pentagram was a big inspiration on the Doom-metal genre. It can be counted as the first ever band to start playing Doom(y) music, or can be seen as "proto-doom". Heavily influenced by bands like Black Sabbath, Blue Cheer, Uriah Heep, Sir Lord Baltimore and more. Especially in their early days they played a mixture of blues inspired dark, slightly psychedelic doomy rock.

It's an interesting album to go back to the origin of Doom (together with bands like Black Sabbath). This album however is much more than just a, sometimes psychedelic, trip back in time. The twelve re-mastered songs on this album hold some of the best dark rock to come forth from the 70ties. For younger fans it might all be a bit too bluesy, or perhaps even sound a bit outdated. The truth of the matter however is that these songs have no expiration date, and will always appeal to fans of good music. Any Black Sabbath fan or fan of the aforementioned bands is sure to also love Pentagram. This is true 70ties style rock, along with the extensive guitar solo's and the "drugged up" feel.

This is truly a prime compilation, offering some great Pentagram songs and the booklet is nicely completed by words of Geof O'Keefe and, of course, Bobby Liebling. There are also some great old band photo's (although they could have been a bit bigger and more). Overall just a great album to add to your music collection. Compared to albums like 'Be Forewarned' it is a less heavy however.

The more I listen to Pentagram, the more I find it a true shame this band has never achieved anything more than cult status among a select number of doom connoisseurs. This band put out a lot of great music, and Pentagram to this day is still alive and kicking. You sort of can't help but feel awe at some of the musical jewels that keep hidden away from the majority of the public.

Having said all this, I don't think fans of for example My Dying Bride or other second generation Doom will really be into this. Unless your also into Black Sabbath and early 70ties music or are generally musically always interested in something "new" (old in this case) you probably will be bored with this release. To appreciate Pentagram it requires you to both have a beard and at least 2 kids or to be a true doom connoisseur and music lover, always looking for the hidden gems. If you're into Doom rock or stoner rock however and you somehow missed Pentagram: oh my! You need!
(Aldo Quispel @ http://www.doom-metal.com)

Tracklist: Forever My Queen / When the Screams Come / Walk in the Blue Light / Starlady / Lazylady / Review your Choices / Hurricane / Livin' In a Ram's Head / Earth Flight / 20 Buck Spin / Be Forewarned / Last Days Here /

Download: http://rapidshare.de/files/25505351/p_-_2002_-

quinta-feira, julho 20, 2006

Firebird - 2006 - Hot Wings

Quarto lançamento da banda de Bill Steer (Carcass, Napalm Death). Ainda não ouvi, mas me disseram que tá do caralho. Agradecimentos ao Guilherme pelo up.

Tracklist: Carousel / Good Times / Misty Morning / Play the Fool / Horse Drawn Man / Overnight / Bow Bells / Flying Blind / I Wish You Well / Needle in the Groove / Last Days of August

Download: http://rapidshare.de/files/26190222/Firebird__

Site: http://www.firebirdhome.co.uk

Black Bonzo - 2004 - Black Bonzo

"It's like a step into the glorious past with influences as diverse as Deep Purple, Queen, Kaipa, Wishbone Ash, Uriah Heep, King Crimson (1st album), very early Camel, and a vastly improved (in my opinion) Moody Blues. Fantastic Mellotron and organ. Classic progressive rock ( Brave Young Soldier, These Are Days of Sorrow, Sirens, Where The River Meets The Sea ), top notch rock ( New Day, Freedom ) and a combination of both ( Fantasy World, Leave Your Burdens, Lady Of The Light ) are what this album is all about."

Tracklist: Lady of the Light / Brave Young Solider / These Are The Days Of Sorrow / New Day - Intermission / Fantasyworld / Freedom / Sirens / Jailbait / Leave Your Burdens / Where The River Meets The Sea

Download: http://rapidshare.de/files/25548499/bb_-_2004_-

Site: http://www.blackbonzo.com

sábado, junho 17, 2006

The Quill - Hooray! It's A Deathtrip (2003)

"This is album number four of one of the most enthralling Rock bands from Europe and the Swedish pull out one crusher after one another, so other bands in this genre should be very jealousy. THE QUILL are not very famous, that's pretty astonishing and actually unexplainable considering the music.

"Hooray! It's A Deathtrip" is hard but also beautifully melodic Rock music, which is known by elder heroes like BLACK SABBATH or LED ZEPPELIN and newer rockers like KYUSS (R.I.P.), MONSTER MAGNET or QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE. THE QUILL belong to this style but without just imitating those great idols. They do it right and sound on one hand pretty familiar but on the other hand, the listener will never be turned off by the band. THE QUILL can keep up the tension and care about variation within the songs.

Despite all musically variation, singer Magnus Ekvall's outstanding voice is the centrepiece of the music. His distinctive voice, which could be seen as a mixture of Chris Cornell (SOUNDGARDEN/AUDIOSLAVE) and Bruce Dickinson (no comment), adds more power to the music and the necessary identification value. "Nothing Ever Changes", "Handful Of Flies", "Hammerhead" or "Man Posed" are examples for the quality of this record. If you like these songs, you will also like the rest.

THE QUILL have all abilities, a good Rock band should have. Charisma, the often missed honesty, the remarkable feeling for ingenious songs and the necessary power to bring a middle size venue to boil. Hats off and please, please, keep this music up!"

(Alex E.)

Vai tomar no cu como esse disco é FODA.

Tracklist: Spinning Around / Nothing Ever Changes / Come That May / Too Close To The Sun / Handful Of Flies / American Powder / Hammerhead / Giver / Man Posed / Because I'm God / Control

Download: http://rapidshare.de/files/23151858/the_quill_-_2003_-
(Parte 1)
(Parte 2)

Site: http://www.thequill.se

quinta-feira, junho 15, 2006

Witchcraft - Firewood (2005)

"The story goes that Sweden's WITCHCRAFT first began as a tribute to former 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS legend Roky Erickson and PENTAGRAM's Bobby Liebling. The self-titled debut album caused quite a buzz and if it's anything like "Firewood", I can understand why. Prior to actually hearing "Firewood", I would have taken with a grain of salt comments describing the sound as inclusive of everyone from "vintage PENTAGRAM to JETHRO TULL." Well, it's all true on this classic '60s/'70s-sounding collection of doom and classic rock that is firmly rooted in the blues. Producer Jens Henriksson is the X factor. His recording captures the essence of the analog sounds of the '70s. No unnecessary effects or studio gimmickry, the album's sound conjures images of bell-bottoms, long dirty hair, a mess of tangled guitar cords, and stacks of amplifiers. The debut album was recorded with '60s and '70s equipment, and hearing "Firewood" makes me think that this same equipment must have been used. The aforementioned blues component of "Firewood" is key, as the style takes one back to the sound of so many early metal and hard rock bands. The reinterpretation of the music of the (American) deep south's blues masters by CREAM, BLACK SABBATH, and many others can be heard all over "Firewood". If you think about the whole "Crossroads" deal-with-the-devil thing and the way in which the bluesy jams on Side B of the first SABBATH record feel so damn evil, you can begin to understand the vibe of "Firewood". It's also the way the bass guitar takes such a commanding position on these songs, jamming along with the guitars and drums, each instrument heard distinctly in arrangements that are jazz-like at times. While the early PENTAGRAM sound is accurate on a few tunes, the pure doom element doesn't dominate and is still more a product of the blues than anything else (as is the case with Liebling's band of course). Tracks like the earthy "I See a Man" and highlight "Wooden Cross (I Can't Wake the Dead)" exemplify the doomier side. Whether it's "Queen of Bees" or "If Wishes were Horses" (the latter featuring a serious Iommi-like solo) the music of "Firewood" is a blast from the late-'60s/early-'70s in terms of musicianship and the way that bands like CREAM could induce feelings of dread, as well as kick your ass. Those folks whose CD collection is made up exclusively of Hot Topic purchases may not initially understand the relevance of what WITCHCRAFT has created, and that's a shame. "Firewood" is not a reinvention of the style, but it is a superb tribute to the progenitors of doom, the legends of the blues, and the purveyors of old-school British hard rock."
(Scott Alisoglu)

Tracklist: Chylde of Fire / If Wishes Were Horses / Mr Haze / Wooden Cross (I Can´t Wake The Dead) / Queen of Bees / Merlin´s Daughter / I See A Man / Sorrow Evoker / You Suffer / Attention! / When The Screams Come (originalmente pelo Pentagram)

Download: http://rapidshare.de/files/22663511/witchcraft_-_2005

Site: http://www.witchcrafthome.com/

sexta-feira, junho 09, 2006

Goatsnake - Trampled Under Hoof (2004)

"A stoner rock supergroup of sorts comprised of members of seminal outfits like Kyuss, Wool, and SUNN 0)), Goatsnake returns with three new tracks and two cover tunes to satisfy your sludgy delight. After a four year hiatus, the Sabbath meets St. Vitus at an Obsessed show vibe is as cranking out loud as ever, giving every purveyor of the hypnotic groove a new CD to wear out in the stereo. Despite Tramped Under Hoof only going five tracks deep, there are tons of slithering, sinewy rhythms and enough heaviosity to overpower five major label releases. "
(Mike SOS, aqui)

Tracklist: Portraits of Pain / Black Cat Bone / Juniors Jam / Burial at Sea (originalmente pelo Saint Vitus) / Hot Rod (originalmente pelo Black Oak Arkansas)

Download: http://rapidshare.de/files/22546687/goatsnake_-_2004

terça-feira, junho 06, 2006

Ugly Kid Joe - Motel California (1996) + Promo

Motel California é o terceiro e último disco de estúdio do Ugly Kid Joe. Ótimas músicas, mas nada que possa ser comparado aos outros discos da banda, America's Least Wanted e Menace To Sobriety. Destaque para músicas como "It' A Lie", "Would You Like To Be There" e "Strange".

Tracklist: It's A Lie / Dialogue / Sandwich / Rage Against The Answering Machine / Would You Like To Be There / Little Red Man / Bicycle Wheels / Father / Undertow / Shine / Strange / 12 Cents

Download: http://rapidshare.de/files/22367430/ugly_kid_joe_-_

Aproveitando, tae a promo do disco também, com versões diferentes para músicas do Motel California.

Tracklist: Dialogue (Alternate Mix) / Would You Like To Be There (Acoustic) / Sandwich (Instrumental D.S. Mix)

Download: http://rapidshare.de/files/22373019/ugly_kid_joe_-_

quinta-feira, junho 01, 2006

Zakk Wylde - Book Of Shadows (1996)

"(...) What is a surprise is the musical diversity apparent throughout the album. Wylde does kick out some heavy riff-driven rockers, but he also detours into blues, country, and folk on occasion. That diversity ensures that Book of Shadows is more listenable for the average listener than most guitarist-led albums. However, Wylde's songwriting skills remain weak; although the playing is memorable, the melodies rarely are. (...)"
(Stephen Thomas Erlewine)


Tracklist: Between Heaven And Hell / Sold My Soul / Road Back Home / Way Beyond Empty / Throwin' All Away / What You're Look'n For / Dead As Yesterday / Too Numb To Cry / The Things You Do / 1,000,000 Miles Away / I Thank You Child / Evil Ways / The Color Green / Peddlers Of Death

Download: http://rapidshare.de/files/21812782/zakk_wylde_-_1996

Site: http://www.zakkwylde.com/

sábado, maio 27, 2006

Dead Meadow - Dead Meadow (2000)

In Dead Meadow's universe, the wah-wah pedal is just as important as the guitar itself, and both are clearly more important than any sort of vocals. In fact, at first listen, singer/guitarist Jason Simon's barely audible whine puts the band's eponymous debut in some jeopardy before it has a chance to get underway. Coupled with the all-too-sluggish haze through which early tracks "Sleepy Silver Door" and "Indian Bones" slowly drift into focus, it may scare off many listeners before they can discover the secret of Dead Meadow's true appeal. First hinted at by the sweet, acoustic simplicity of "At the Edge of the Wood" (where the singer redeems himself with a gentle, much more effective Neil Young-like delivery), this subsequently takes shape via Simon's inspired guitar work. Displaying a subtle but nevertheless formidable control of tone and feedback, the guitarist creates a hypnotic wash of sound -- akin to a softcore Hendrix. Having figured out this small mystery, open-minded stoner rock enthusiasts can then appreciate the laid-back perfection of the album's stellar second half. The beautifully chiming notes of "Dragonfly" and the stunning, eyes-closed, head-swaying vertigo induced by "Greensky Greenlake" merely set the stage for the disc's central tour de force, the sublime, lazy epic "Beyond the Fields We Know." Over its nine-minute swirl, the song's swimming waves of lysergic grooves qualify it as the direct offspring to Led Zeppelin's "No Quarter." As "Rocky Mountain High" (not the John Denver hippie-lite standard) draws the record to a close with one of its heaviest, darkest moments, one gets the feeling that Dead Meadow's vision isn't yet fully realized -- but there's plenty here to suggest that the final destination is within sight.
(Ed Rivadavia)

Tracklist: Sleepy Silver Door / Indian Bones / Dragonfly / Lady / Greensky Greenlake / Beyond The Fields We Know / At The Edge Of The Wood / Rocky Mountain High

Download: http://rapidshare.de/files/22207015/dead_meadow_-_2000

Site: http://www.deadmeadow.com

sexta-feira, maio 12, 2006

Blackmore's Night - Ghost Of A Rose (2003)

Ah, é Blackmore's Night. Quem já ouviu, sabe o que esperar. Por sinal, alguém já ouviu o último trampo da banda?

Tracklist: Way To Mandalay / 3 Black Crows / Diamonds And Rust (orignalmente por Joan Baez) / Cartouche / Queen For A Day (Part 1) / Queen For A Day (Part 2) / Ivory Tower / Nur Eine Minute / Ghost Of A Rose / Mr. Peagram's Morris And Sword / Loreley / Where Are We Going From Here / Rainbow Blues (orignalmente pelo Jethro Tull) / All For One / Dandelion Wine

Download: http://rapidshare.de/files/20306584/blackmore_s_night_-_

segunda-feira, maio 08, 2006

JPT Scare Band - Sleeping Sickness (2000)

"If the band had a signed record contract back in the early ’70s, there is no doubt they would be up there with Jimi Hendrix, Cream, and Black Sabbath for guitar overload damage. Unfortunately, these recordings never really made it out of the inner circles of hard psych heads. Of course, Sleeping Sickness isn’t a copy of those bands or their styles, but the main focus here is very long (often 10 minute plus) jams that concentrate on the guitar playing of Terry Swope."
(Andy Perseponko)

"This trio shows exceptional chemistry and musicianship. Guitarist Terry Swope often takes center stage with a guitar sound that alternates between a snarling beast and a gentle breeze often in the same song. How this guy missed being a guitar god is beyond me. Maybe he spent a little too much time down in the basement. Swope’s personal style and sound alternate between a more lucid Jimmy Hendrix and a more loose Robin Trower. This isn’t to take credit away from the rest of the band....often they seem to achieve some weird magic in the middle of a jam where everything comes together in a cosmic explosion. As an added bonus, on of the jams comes replete with sounds like a tin whistle. You haven’t heard a jam until you’ve heard a jam go down with a tin whistle. Goosebumps aplenty."
(Chris Barnes)

Resumindo: JPT Scare Band é um power trio do caralho.

Tracklist: Sleeping Sickness / Slow Sick Shuffle / King Rat / It's Too Late / Acid Acetate Excursion / I've Been Waiting / Time to Cry

Download: http://rapidshare.de/files/19808533/jpt_scare_band

Site: http://www.jptscareband.com

terça-feira, maio 02, 2006

Spiritual Beggars - Spiritual Beggars (1994)

Pra quem não conhece, o Spiritual Beggars é o projeto criado em 1992 por Mike Amott, conhecido por bandas como Carcass e Arch Enemy. No primeiro álbum, a banda ainda era um trio e contava ainda com Christian "Spice" Sjöstrand (The Mushroom River Band e atualmente no Kayser) no baixo e vocal. Atualmente, a banda é formada por Amott nas guitarra, Janne "JB" Christoffersson (Grand Magus) no vocal, Sharlee D'Angelo no baixo, Ludwig Witt na bateria e Per Wiberg (Opeth) nos teclados.

Ah, essa aí é a versão remasterizada que veio com quatro músicas bônus.

Tracklist: Yearly Dying / Pelekas / The Space Inbetween / If This Is All / Under Silence / Magnifent Obsession / Blind Fountain / If You Should Leave / Nowhere To Go / Sour Stains

Download: http://rapidshare.de/files/19298455/spiritual_beggars_-_1994

Site: http://www.spiritualbeggars.com

quinta-feira, abril 27, 2006

Moby Dick - Moby Dick (1973)

Juro, Moby Dick é o Led Zeppelin italiano. Formada por Alessandro Coppola nos vocal e guitarra, Toni Di Mauro também com as seis cordas, Vicenzo Pettroni no baixo e Adriano Assanti na bateria, a banda mudou-de de Nápoles para gravar em Londres seu único registro musical. Além das influências claras de Zeppelin (é só escutar a faixa de abertura "Two Timing Girl" e as influências vocais de Plant em "Provisional Baby Hip"), o Moby Dick tem músicas muito boas. "What Time Is It", os quase oito minutos de "Sex 'n' Roll Express" e "Ad Ogni Costo" são ótimos exemplos.

As músicas bônus, cantadas em italiano, foram gravadas três anos antes, em Roma.

Tracklist: Two Timing Girl / Free Wheeling Cat / My Friend / What Time Is It / Provisional Baby Hip / Groove Me / Sex 'n' Roll Express / Il Giorgo Buono / Ad Ogni Costo / Parlo Nel Vento

Download: http://rapidshare.de/files/18951231/moby_dick_-_1970
(Não liguem para a data errada)

quinta-feira, abril 20, 2006

Drain STH - Horror Wrestling (1995)

Sem zona, se o Drain STH fosse uma banda masculina, ela seria o Alice in Chains. Formada em 1993, a banda - que ainda chamava-se somente Drain, nome mudado após descobrirem uma banda dos Estados Unidos que atendia da mesma forma - contava com a vocalista Maria Sjöholm (senhora Tony Iommi, diga-se de passagem), Flavia Canel na guitarra, a baixista Anna Kjellberg e Matina Axén tocando bateria e alternando vocais com Sjöholm. Após um certo reconhecimento, o Drain STH foi contratato pela Mercury Records, que lançou Horror Wrestling com mais três músicas, sendo uma delas um cover slow-down para o clássico do Motorhead "Ace of Spades".

Ah, e quero ouvir algum fã de Alice in Chains não gostar nenhum pouquinho da banda. É impossível não comparar Sjöholm e Axén com Layne Staley e Jerry Cantrell, respectivamente. Sente, respire fundo e coloque "Mirror's Eyes" (pra mim, a melhor do álbum) pra tocar. É ouvir pra crer.

Tracklist: I Don't Mind / Smile / Serve the Shame / Mirror's Eyes / Crucified / Stench / Crack the Liars Smile / Mind Over Body / Unforgiving Hours / Unreal

Download: http://rapidshare.de/files/18493464/drain_sth_-_1995

quarta-feira, abril 19, 2006

Witchcraft - Witchcraft (2004)

Não, o disco não é dos anos 70 e não, não foi relançado apenas em 2004. Mesmo assim, os suecos do Witchcraft conseguiram trazer todo esse clima para o seu álbum homônimo. Totalmente influenciado por bandas como Pentagram e Black Sabbath, o disco é uma obra prima do começo ao fim, tendo sido citado - e com todo o mérito - como um dos melhores lançamentos de 2004 ( Top 24 de 2004 da StonerRock.com).

E não é à toa. O som melodoso, cativante e totalmente criativo, traz uma mistura perfeita de doom dos anos 70 com um pouco de jazz e blues. Basta ouvir músicas como "Witchcraft", a doomzona "The Snake" (influências óbvias de Pentagram), "Lady Winter", "What I Am", "It's So Easy" e "No Angel or Demon", música a qual lhes rendeu o contrato com a Rise Above. Aproveitando o gancho sobre o Pentagram, a música "Please Don't Forget Me" é uma regravação da banda pre-Pentagram, o Stone Bunny.

Pra quem não ouviu ainda, fica a dica. Garantido, um dos melhores álbuns de stoner/doom de 2004.*

Tracklist: Witchcraft / The Snake / Please Don't Forget Me (cover do Stone Bunny) / Lady Winter / What I Am / Schyssta Lögner / No Angel or Demon / I Want You to Know / It's So Easy / You Bury Your Head / Her Sisters They Were Weak

Download: http://rapidshare.de/files/18372506/witchcraft

Site: http://www.witchcrafthome.com

* maaaaaaaaaaaaais uma reciclada

segunda-feira, abril 17, 2006

Kyuss - Demon Cleaner (1994)

Lançado em 1994, Demon Cleaner é separado em duas partes. A primeira conta com, além da faixa-título, a inédita "Day One" (reza a lenda que ela foi escrita para Dave e Krist, do Nirvana) e ainda duas músicas que estariam no disco seguinte da banda, "El Rodeo" e "Hurricane". Já a segunda parte contém novamente "Demon Cleaner" mais "Gardenia", "Thumb" e "Conan Troutman" tocadas ao vivo no Marquee Club em Hamburgo, Alemanha.

Tracklist: Parte 1 Demon Cleaner / Day One / El Rodeo / Hurricane Parte 2 Demon Cleaner / Gardenia / Thumb / Conan Troutman

Download: http://rapidshare.de/files/18248826/kyuss_-_1994_-_

sexta-feira, abril 14, 2006

Sigur Rós - Takk... [2005]

Estava eu aqui deitado no meu sofá, curtindo uma ressaca e ouvindo esse álbum que me é muito íntimo e, constatei (mais uma vez) que realmente trata-se de um som do caralho e que eu praticamente tinha a obrigação de postá-lo aqui (ou não). Takk... é um disco repleto de lindas melodias, climas e sensações. Altamente recomendável, porém talvez um pouco difícil à primeira audição (ou não nº02). Ótimo companheiro para momentos de introspecção, para um cigarro, para um café, para a pintura do quarto (sim, ele foi a trilha da pintura do meu), para um msn com as luzes apagadas, entre outras várias alternativas cabíveis.

"Não há dúvidas de que hoje em dia a filha mais famosa da Islândia é a cantora Björk. Mas recentemente este pequeno e isolado país, cuja população não chega a 300.000 habitantes e camadas de lava de vulcões sobrepõe-se a camadas de gelo e neve, deu a Björk um irmão ilustre, mais uma banda cujo som está encantando a muitas pessoas ao redor mundo todo: é o Sigur Rós.

Uma das peculiaridades mais interessantes do Sigur Rós, além do seu som em si, é que a banda usa em muitas de suas canções uma "linguagem" que eles chamam de Hopelandic. "Linguagem" na verdade não é o termo mais apropriado, já que o Hopelandic são somente melodias entoadas por Jon que se encaixam nas canções da banda. No resto das músicas, a banda usa o seu idioma natal, o islandês."
Dying Days

Tire suas próprias conclusões:


E, de lambuja, o (belíssimo) clipe da música Glosoli: http://befb.vortex.is/sigur_ros-glosoli.wmv
(salvar destino como, por favor)

quinta-feira, abril 13, 2006

Corrosion of Conformity - In the Arms of God (2005)

Após cinco anos* de nada, o Corrosion of Conformity volta com tudo. Se você esperava algo parecido com America's Volume Dealer (2000), esqueça. Esse disco está muito mais para um crossover entre os discos Blind (1991) e Deliverance (1994) com algumas pitadinhas do som que Pepper Keenan estava fazendo com o Down, projeto seu com Phil Alselmo, ex-Pantera e atual Superjoint Ritual.

O álbum abre com, sem dúvida, uma das melhores faixas que o COC já criou. Pesada e blueseada, "Stonebreaker" é um chute na cara, que apenas prepara o ouvinte para o resto do disco. Não sei se estou louco, mas percebo uma certa diferença na voz de Keenan, mais agressiva. Coisas de Phil Alsemo, talvez? Seguindo o disco, adentramos em "Paranoid Opioid", outra faixa que merece destaque. Acredito que o baterista convidado por Pepper, Stanton Moore, fez um ótimo trabalho não só nesta música, mas como no álbum todo. A terceira faixa, "It's That Way", me lembra demais algumas composições do Wiseblood (1996), como "Redemption City". Não me surpreendeu, apesar de ser uma boa canção. "Dirty Hands Empty Pockets / Already Gone" já volta a um momento mais 'animado', trazendo quase cinco minutos de pancadaria, diferentemente da acústica "Rise River Rise", uma música - se me permitem dizer - mais viajada.

E chegamos na metade do CD. A sexta faixa, "Never Turns to More", traz a banda novamente às guitarras. Com pouco mais de oito minutos, a música soa como uma faixa do Blind, só que um pouco menos, digamos, metal. E, por falar em Blind, nada melhor pra lembrar desse disco que "Infinite War", a próxima música. Os vocais de Woody Weatherman se encaixaram perfeitamente e trouxeram à música um clima extremamente agressivo. Uma das melhores canções do álbum, sem sombra de dúvida. Seguindo o disco passamos por "Never Turns to More" (outra boa música) e chegamos em "Backslider", rechada de ótimos riffs. Com três faixas para acabar, a banda vem com mais uma ótima música, "World of Fire". Com bons riffs e um ótimo refrão, a faixa remete aos tempos de Deliverance.

E para fechar com estilo, mais uma pancada: "In the Arms of God" finaliza o CD com raiva, violência e, infelizmente, aquele gostinho de quero mais. Quem sabe estes cinco anos não valeram a pena?

Tracklist: Stonebreaker / Paranoid Opioid / It's That Way / Dirty Hands Empty Pockets - Already Gone / Rise River Rise / Never Turns To More / Infinite War / So Much Left Behind / Backslider / World On Fire / Crown Of Thorns / In The Arms Of God

Download: http://rapidshare.de/files/17933905/corrosion_of_conformity
(Parte 1)
http://rapidshare.de/files/17938738/corrosion_of_conformity _-_2005_-_in_the_arms_of_god.part2.rar.html (Parte 2)

Site: http://www.coc.com

* mais uma reciclagem besta

quarta-feira, abril 12, 2006

Alice in Chains - Live and Unchained (1993)

Apanhado de várias apresentações do Alice in Chains. Não é lá o melhor bootleg, mas vale muito a pena. As datas na parte de trás da capa estão erradas. Elas são:

- Músicas 1 a 2: "Singles" Party, MTV
- Músicas 3 a 7 e 10: Ao vivo @ Moore Theatre, Seattle, 1990
- Músicas 8 e 11 a 15: Los Angeles, 15/12/92

Tracklist: Junkhead / Would? / Man in the Box / Real Thing / Love, Hate, Love / Sea of Sorrow / Bleed the Freak / Sickman / It Ain't Like That / Put You Down / Would? / We Die Young / Real Thing / Bleed the Freak / Man in the Box

Download: http://rapidshare.de/files/17756943/alice_in_chains_-_1993

Site: http://www.aliceinchains.com

terça-feira, abril 11, 2006


Empresa líder no segmento contrata emos (M/F) para chorar em velórios. Acima de 16 anos, exp. comprovada 2 anos, disponibilidade de horário, empreendedorismo, dinamismo, estar estudando, inglês intermediário. R$370,00+VT. Oferece ajuda de custo, comissões e treinamento. Ganhos compatíveis com a função. Interessados favor comparecer Av. Getúlio Vargas, 3888 3ª feira das 08:05 às 10:35 munidos de CV e CTPS.

Fu Manchu - Start The Machine (2004)

"Now, with a new label, the guys whip out "Start The Engine." It shouldn't be any shock as to what you are going to get with the boys from Orange County. More fuzzy and distorted guitars plague the sound and disc. The rhythmic and drum intensive "Written In Stone" is nothing new or special. You have heard it before, but it's not bad because it has a catchy beat and it does rock out. "I Can't Hear You" is such a short and fast song, that it's gone before you know it. Although it's only just over two minutes in length, it's a much more powerful jam than the opener. It's got bass licks that will make your speakers bounce. The drums have more energy and the guitar riffs simply rock the house. Way to go boys."
(The Metal Observer. Leia a resenha inteira aqui.)

Só discordo numa coisa: "Written in Stone" é MUITO foda.

Tracklist: Written In Stone / I Can't Hear You / Understand / Make Them Believe / Hey / I'm Gettin' Away / Out To Sea / Open Your Eyes / Today's Too Soon / It's All The Same / Tunnel Vision / I Wanna Be

Download: http://rapidshare.de/files/17746109/fu_manchu_-

Site: http://www.fu-manchu.com

domingo, abril 09, 2006

Wicked Minds - From The Purple Skies (2004)

Não sou base pra porra nenhuma, mas achei o disco de estréia do Wicked Minds um dos melhores de 2004. Deep Purple, Pink Floyd e uma boa dose de ótimas composições espalhadas em quase 80 (é, oitenta) minutos de disco. Ah, e ainda com cover de Pentagram e Uriah Heep. From the Purple Skies é outro disco que eu poderia ficar falando faixa-a-faixa, mas não quero perder Faustão. Isso seria um desastre na minha vida.

Tracklist: From the Purple Skies / The Elphant Stone / Drifting / Across the Sunrise / Forever My Queen (cover do Pentagram) / Rising Above / Queen of Violet / Space Child / Gypsy (cover do Uriah Heep) / Uranus

Download: http://rapidshare.de/files/17598260/wicked_minds
(Parte 1)
(Parte 2)

Site: http://www.wickedminds.net

sexta-feira, abril 07, 2006

Down - House of Blues, Chicago (11.05.02)

Não sei se a data tá correta, mas foda-se. Único registro ao vivo que tenho do Down, então não tenho base alguma. Ah, nota-se claramente que Phil Anselmo está MUITO ESTRAGADO. Deve ter compartilhado no backstage algumas pilhas alcalinas com o Rafael Ilha.

Tracklist: The Seed / There's Something On My Side / Temptations Wings / Lifer / Lysergik Funeral Procession / Rehab / Ghots Along The Mississipi / Learn From This Mistake / Beautifully Depressed / Lies, I Don't Know What They Say But... / New Orleans Ia A Dying Whore / Stone The Crow / Eyes Of The South / Bury Me In Smoke

Download: http://rapidshare.de/files/17431468/down_-_
(Parte 1)
(Parte 2)

quinta-feira, abril 06, 2006

Novas demos do Pale Divine

We just uploaded two NEW tracks from our four song 2006 demo "The Eyes of Destiny" and "Cemetery Earth." We'll keep these two up for a while then post the remaining two shortly after.

It's just a demo so please don't be too critical of the quality - we realize it's not the greatest but we did our best. At the very least it gives you taste of the new material we've been working on.

Let us know what you think.

No espaço do Pale Divine no MySpace, não se encontra "Cemetary Earth", mas sim a faixa nova "Broken Wings".

Download: Eyes of Destiny / Broken Wings

terça-feira, abril 04, 2006

Faith no More - Play in the Kindergarten (199x)

Não tenho comparações pra fazer com outros bootlegs do Faith no More, mas a qualidade é bacana. O disco é um apanhado de quatro shows:

- Músicas de 1 a 6: Paradiso Club, Amsterdam, 22/06/92
- Músicas de 7 a 9: Country Convention, Los Angeles, 1990
- Músicas de 10 a 12: Den Haag Parkpop Festival, 24/06/90
- Música 13: Rock in Rio, 20/01/90

Tracklist: Land of Sunshine / Midlife Crisis / As The Worm Turns / RV / We Care a Lot / Epic / From Out of Nowhere / The Real Thing / Underwater Love / Surprise! You're Dead! / War Pigs / Easy / The Crab Song

Download: http://rapidshare.de/files/17143415/faith_no_more_-_199x

segunda-feira, abril 03, 2006

Dez razões pra gostar de Simple Plan

Mentira, não existe nenhuma.

The String Quartet Tribute to Black Sabbath - St (2002)

Pra quem já conhece o The String Quartet, já sabe o que esperar. Enquanto uns acham o som muito "vazio" (música de elevador, sabe?), outros ainda gostam de ouvir músicas como "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" e "Into the Void" tocadas de uma forma totalmente diferente. Eu fico no segundo grupo.

Nota? Sei lá, oito?

Tracklist: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath / Sweet Leaf / Iron Man / Changes / Electric Funeral / Paranoid / Solitude / Supernaut / Into the Void / Sacrement

Download: http://rapidshare.de/files/17134908/the_string_quartet_tribute_to

sexta-feira, março 31, 2006

Astroqueen - Into Submission (2001)

"Astroqueen’s music can be described as heavy, fuzzy, downtuned, spaced-out rock! With influences from bands such as early Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Kyuss and Soundgarden."

Lendo essas duas frases da biografia da banda, fica até difícil imaginar como o Astroqueen soa. Com suas origens em Gothenburg, Suécia, a banda realmente é uma mistureba de tudo acima. Não tenho o muito o que escrever, ou vou ficar elogiando o disco de estréia doa banda por mais uma dezena de linhas. Já colocando rótulos, Into Submission é sem sombra de dúvidas um dos melhores discos de stoner que eu já ouvi em toda a minha vida.

Tracklist: Landslide / Out of this World / Superhuman God / Brain Phase Voyage / Rufus Jr. / Planet Dust / The Sonic Ride / Soulburner / I Go to Sleep (I´m Gone) / Serve the Sun / Lua Vermelha

Download: http://rapidshare.de/files/16899894/astroqueen_-_2001_

Site oficial: http://www.stonerrock.com/astroqueen

domingo, março 26, 2006

Kyuss - Desert Heavies (21/02/95)

Taí um bootlegs do Kyuss, gravado em Roma, no Circolo Degli Artisi. Qualidade marromeno, gravação da audiência, mas vale o registro. Destaque para para "Supa Scoop And Mighty Scoop", com a galera começa cantando junto com Garcia. Pena a qualidade não ser lá uma Brastemp.

Tracklist: Intro / Allen's Wrench / 100º / Supa Scoopa And Mighty Scoop / N.O. / White Water / Green Machine / One Inch Man / Freedom Run / El Rodeo / 50 Million Year Trip (Downside Up) / Conan Troutman / Odyssey / Molten Universe / Thumb

Download: http://rapidshare.de/files/16418954/kyuss_-_1995-02-21

sábado, março 25, 2006

The Piano Tribute to Iron Maiden - St (2005)

Não vou me alongar muito. O disco é um tributo ao Iron Maiden tocado somente no piano. Scott Lavender, o pianista, passa por várias fases do Maiden, mas com nenhuma novidade. A faixa que mais chama a atenção é "Caught Somewhere in Time", pois eu nunca havia visto em nenhum disco-tributo (e nem sei o porquê). A última faixa, "Eddie's Lament", é - como de costume em tributos do tipo - uma composição original.

Eu ainda continuo esperando um tributo com metade do Killers sendo tocado. Sonho meu.

Tracklist: Two Minutes to Midnight / Wasted Years / Can I Play With Madness / The Trooper / Brave New World / Run to the Hills / Caught Somewhere in Time / Aces High / Hallowed Be Thy Name / Flight of Icarus / Eddie's Lament

Download: http://rapidshare.de/files/16346779/the_piano_tribute_to_iron_maiden
(Parte 1)
(Parte 2)

quinta-feira, março 23, 2006

Hellfueled - Volume One (2004)

Esses tempos* na lista de discussão do site Planeta Stoner rolou um papo sobre a diferença entre o que podemos chamar de plágio no rock'n'roll e o que podemos chamar de influência. E na hora me lembrei dos suecos do Hellfueled. A banda, formada por Andy nos vocais, Henke Lönn no baixo, Jocke Lundgren na guitarra e Kent Svensson nas baquetas, é o típico caso onde a influência de outras bandas (e músicos) acaba por retirar um pouco da personalidade do grupo.

Tudo bem, influências são influências, a banda é boa, tem bons músicos, mas é impossível ouvir a banda sem remeter a principalmente um nome: Ozzy Osbourne na fase solo com Zakk Wylde. A voz de Andy é tão, mas tão parecida com a do Madman (ele até imita os "All right"), que chega a ser chato ouvir. É como se faltasse aquele toque criativo, coisa que, diga-se de passagem, é extremamente importante para bandas que são influenciadas por grupos setentistas, justamente pra não soarem como uma mera cópia. Mesmo assim, não posso tirar o mérito de músicas como "Let me Out" , "Rock n Roll" e "Break Free" (hummm, algo de Spiritual Beggars nelas?), a música-single "Midnight Lady", "Mindbreaker" e "Live my Life", a mais Black Sabbath das faixas.

Resumindo: disco legal, bom pra se ouvir, mas sem muitas pretensões. Quem sabe não acertam no segundo?

Tracklist: Let me Out / Midnight Lady / Second Deal / Someone Lives Inside / Eternal / Mindbreaker / Sunrise / Live my Life / Rock n Roll / Break Free / Hunt me Down

Download: http://rapidshare.de/files/16183446/hellfueled_-

Site oficial: http://www.hellfueled.com/

* Resvolvi pegar uns reviews antigos e colocar os discos pra download.

segunda-feira, março 20, 2006

Especial Orange Goblin

Tá, admito, pago um pau danado pro Orange Goblin. Por quê? Simplesmente pelo fato da banda ser foda demais. Pode soar babaca de minha parte, mas isso já me basta. Aliando Black Sabbath, Trouble, Mountain e passando até mesmo por Pink Floyd, os ingleses antigamente conhecidos como Our Haunted Kingdom foram descobertos por nada mais nada menos que Lee Dorian, do Cathedral. Até agora, a banda lançou cinco álbuns, sendo o último, Thieving From The House Of God, de 2004. Tá, tá, não vou me enrolar demais. Aos discos, por favor?

Frequencies From Planet Ten (1997)
Só me vem coisa à cabeça quando escuto o primeiro álbum do Orange Goblin: Black Sabbath. Tudo bem, eu sei que a banda tem outras fontes além de seu próprio estilo, mas é impossível não ouvir músicas como "The Astral Project" e "Saruman's Wish" (Tolkien, uhn?) sem lembrar de Iommi. A banda ainda passa por ótimas músicas como "Aquatic Fanatic" (o primeiro lançamento pelo selo de Dorian, em um split com o Electric Wizard), "Orange Goblin" e a psicodelia de quase dez minutos de "Star Shaped Cloud".

Tracklist: The Astral Project / Magic Carpet / Saruman's Wish / Song of the Purple Mushroom Fish / Aquatic Fanatic / Lothlorian / Land of Secret Dreams / Orange Goblin / Star Shaped Cloud

Download: http://rapidshare.de/files/15754498/orange_goblin_-

Time Travielling Blues (1998)
No seu segundo disco, o Orange Goblin já começa a colocar mais identidade ao som, mostrando o que talvez seja uma das marcas da banda, a mistura na mesma faixa de climas diferentes, alternando entre riffs pesados e outros bem tranquilos. Um bom exeplo disso é "Shine", que começa totalmente viajada e termina numa parede de peso. E quando falamos de peso com o Orange Goblin, falamos de Trouble / Black Sabbath. "Snail Hook" cheira - sem brincadeira - Sabbath do começo ao fim, com Ben Ward cantando sobre lagos de vinho, a Rainha do Horizonte, e como cavalgar cogumelos e colocar fogo na Lua enquanto perseguimos os planetas. Precisa mais?

Tracklist: Blue Snow / Solarisphere / Shine / The Man Who Invented Time / Diesel (Phunt) / Snail Hook / Nuclear Guru / Lunarville 7, Airlock 3 / Time Travelling Blues

Download: http://rapidshare.de/files/15934573/orange_goblin_-_1998
(Parte 1)
(Parte 2)

The Big Black (2000)
Ah, esse é especial. O primeiro disco que ouvi do Goblin é talvez (eu disse TALVEZ) o que eu mais goste. Ainda tenho minhas dúvidas, mas isso não vem ao caso. Em "Scorpionica" e "298 Kg", duas das melhores músicas da banda, o bom e velho Black Sabbath impera. Mas não pensem que esse disco vai muito longe assim. The Big Black já começa a mostrar um caminho um pouco diferente, com a banda flertando com riffs mais, er, "atuais", mas ainda utilizando (ainda que em menor proporção) das já conhecidas viagens (escute calmamente os riffs iniciais de "Cozmo Bozo") lotadas de referências a planetas distantes, nebulas e coisas desse naipe. Participação especial do ex-Spiritual Beggars Spice em "Turbo Effalunt (Elephant)".

Tracklist: Scorpionica / Quincy the Pigboy / Hot Magic, Red Planet / Cozmo Bozo / 298 Kg / Turbo Effalunt (Elephant) / King of the Hornets / You'll Never Get to the Moon in That / Alcofuel / The Big Black

Download: http://rapidshare.de/files/15984221/orange_goblin_-_2000

Coup de Grace (2002)
Não chega a ser um 'divisor de águas', mas percebe-se uma certa mudança no som do Orange Goblin, principalmente se formos compara-lo diretamente com o primeiro lançamento da banda. Mais cru, pesado e direto, Coup de Grace já pouco possui das conhecidas viagens "interplanetárias" da banda. Não me entendam mal, Coup de Grace é um ótimo disco, mas pode vir a não agradar tanto quanto os antigos trabalhos da banda. O disco foi produzido pelo ex-Kyuss Scott Reeder e conta ainda com John Garcia dividindo os vocais com Ben Ward em duas músicas ("Made of Rats" e "Jesus Beater"), além de um cover para "We Bite", do Misfits.

Tracklist: Your World Will Hate This / Monkey Panic / Rage of Angels / Made of Rats / Whiskey Leech / Getting High On The Bad Times / Graviton / Red Web / Born With Big Hands / Jesus Beater / We Bite / Stinkin' O Gin

Download: http://rapidshare.de/files/15999251/orange_goblin_-

Thieving from the House of God (2004)
Ao ouvir os primeiros acordes de "Some You Win, Some You Lose", percebe-se que o Goblin sentiu falta do antigo feeling. Tudo bem, o som praticamente não mudou com relação a Coupe de Grace, mas vá lá, "Black Egg" (destaque para a linda voz feminina não-creditada que acompanha Ward) nada se parece com o "atual" Orange Goblin. Agora com apenas um guitarrista (Pete O'Malley não faz mais parte da banda), a banda faz uma versão para "Just Got Paid", do ZZ Top, abusa da velocidade na mistura punk / metal de "Tosh Lines" e ainda cai de boca (ui) em Trouble e Electric Wizard com "Crown Of Locusts". Ótimo disco!

Tracklist: Some You Win, Some You Lose / One Room, One Axe, One Outcome / Hard Luck / Black Egg / You're Not The One (Who Can Save Rock n Roll) / If It Ain't Broke, Breake It / Lazy Mary / Round Up The Horses / Tosh Lines / Just Got Paid / Crown Of Locusts / White Night Cyanide