quinta-feira, novembro 16, 2006

Globin - Suspiria: The Complete Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1977)

"Their score for Suspiria, Argento's shocker about witches at a German dance academy, is arguably Goblin's definitive masterpiece, a patchwork of different styles molded with the band's habitual sinister touch. The final effect is a devastating combination of experimental techniques as well as a source of inspiration for many a musician to come. John Carpenter and such metal bands as Cathedral and Skyclad have openly paid homage to the band's work."
(Fangoria #127)

Tracklist: Suspiria / Witch / Opening to the Sighs / Sighs / Markos / Black Forest / Blind Concert / Death Valzer / Suspiria (Celesta and Bells) / Suspiria (Narration) / Suspiria (Intro) / Markos (Alternate Version)

Download: http://rapidshare.com/files/3597126/g_-_1977_-_s.rar.html

Site: http://www.goblin.org

3 comentários:

a.morais disse...

Reparei que dás/dão destaque ao heavy/doom/stoner. Posso partilhar algumas coisas que tenho. Se for do interesse, contacta-me.

ana morais

hazzamanazz disse...

Hummm...Dario's Argento, the italian master of hardcore horror.
Even Phenomena is a hardcore movie, altought has no much blood in it.
But on the psychic side...

Nice band, never heard it before (really!), but better sooner than never, hun?

[ ]'s

Anônimo disse...

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