quinta-feira, maio 31, 2007

Drunk Horse - In Tongues (2005)

"There has always been an egregious misunderstanding about The Dark One and his role in music. Somewhere between the rise of Venom and Slayer, people got to thinkin' that Satan was all wrapped up in heavy metal. Sure, The Devil has his spindly fingers on a few choice thrash records, no doubt, but when it comes to music, those in the know agree on one thing: Satan prefers '70s rock. KISS, Deep Purple, Rainbow and Black Sabbath sure as hell didn't make it to the top on talent alone. Mephistopheles played a role in the rise (and subsequent fall) of each of these fabled bands.

If you didn't know better, a few listens to In Tongues would convince you that you'd unearthed a classic gem from several decades past. Rumbling guitars, heinously long solos, markedly pronounced vocals and bong-tokin' riffs drift by in a seemingly endless supply. One thing's for sure -- Drunk Horse have done their homework when it comes to reliving the past, and they take their stoner-driven classic rock to epic extremes.(...)

You can say this much for In Tongues: it's never boring. Its endless supply of Marshall stack smokin' anthems will bring out the guitar hero worshipper in everyone you know. Without the likes of Drunk Horse, you might think that Satan had given up on rock 'n' roll entirely. And without him, rock 'n' roll just wouldn't be very much fun. Thanks, Drunk Horse!"
(Andrew Magilow, Splendid Magazine)

Download: http://lix.in/1eec22

quarta-feira, maio 30, 2007

Siena Root - Kaleidoscope (2006)

"Last year Siena Root played several highly acclaimed performances at big festivals and took the hearts by storm. With this -their second album- the band managed to enhance their honest and natural sound without loosing contact to their musical roots. The amazing and charismatic blues-tinged voice of female singer Sanya gives a real kick to the Siena Root sound. The album is a kaleidoscope with '1970' facets. It's spectrum ranges from tight and bluesy organ-based, psyched heavy rock to beautiful eastern-influenced ragas with sitar and hippiesque flute. Nevertheless there's enough space for some well dosed jamming and improvisational intervals."
(Nasoni Records)

Download: http://lix.in/422fae

terça-feira, maio 29, 2007

Witch - Witch (2006)

"Like all bands of its stripe, they owe an enormous debt to prime Black Sabbath. Thomas' voice isn't as unique as Ozzy's, but by the same token he's not as annoying either. Sabbath's emphasis on Herculean riffs certainly informs the core of Witch's music, but most of the rest of the sound is filled in by influences more from heavy rock than from the increasingly technical and rarefied straits of metal. Saint Vitus and Sleep, yes, but also everyone from Blue Cheer (the chugging “Soul of Fire”) to Comets on Fire (the amazingly molten “Changing”). The lyrics, written by Thomas, are uniformly concerned with sorcery and the supernatural, but anyone who seriously thinks that's a drawback really needs to hear the grinding churn of the guitars on the opening “Seer,” or the end of the explosive “Hand of Glory.”

Witch manage to do a lot more in forty minutes with little more than a bunch of badass riffs and a decent rhythm section than most metal bands these days can do with seventy minutes. Witch is short and sweet and driving enough to inspire some serious grade headbanging; about the biggest worry surrounding this album is the fear that Mascis and Feathers might leave this as a one-off side project. Avant folk's gain would be doom metal's loss: As good as some of the artsier acts in this genre are, Witch is that rare band that focuses on just providing some incredibly heavy rock and roll in such a compelling fashion that they temporarily render all other considerations moot."
(Ian Mathers - Stylus Magazine)

Download: http://lix.in/e87307

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Isis - Oceanic (2002)

"Isis is one of the few heavy metal bands recording without regard for convention, and since Tool's debut, few have succeeded in such breathtaking fashion. Turner-- who's invariably screamed at the top of his lungs to this point-- actually sings on the record's closer, "Hym". Always with an ear for the industrial drone dramatized by Swans and Skinny Puppy in the 80s, and kept alive by Neurosis (who Turner has known since starting Hydra Head), Isis have graduated from their status as the best dirge orchestra around, consolidating a number of disparate sounds to create a dynamic far more evocative than mere loud-soft-loud repetition: these are caterwauls offset by meditation."
(Chris Ott, Pitchfork)

Download: http://lix.in/95821e

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Electric Wizard - Electric Wizard (1995)

"When Electric Wizard first emerged, seemingly fully formed from the hallowed wombs of the doom metal gods (well, Dorset, England, anyway), all most listeners could do was stand in dumbfounded awe -- such was the power and magnitude with which the trio delivered its monolithic epics. Taking up the torch from doom pioneers like Saint Vitus, Sleep, and more recently Britain's own Cathedral, the eternally stoned-out trio went about setting a new standard for slothful, detuned heavy metal noisemaking; yet -- amazingly, compared to subsequent efforts -- their eponymous debut's crushing wall of sludge would soon seem almost lightweight. Most of the songs on Electric Wizard crawl along at a snail's pace, their mind-numbing riffs exploring the lowest imaginable sonic frequencies still within human range. Except for the trippy space rock guitar of "Mountains of Mars," the entire record revels in the purest, uncompromising post-Sabbath doom metal dirge, a great part of which may prove too sluggish and impenetrable for inexperienced listeners. But for knowledgeable consumers of the genre, weed-worshipping anthems like "Stone Magnet," "Devil's Bride," and the group's awesome namesake, "Electric Wizard" (which is introduced by a long, highly suspicious exhaled breath), amount to a mind-shattering experience...prepare to be enlightened."
(Ed Rivadavia, AllMusic)

Download: http://lix.in/8bee45

sexta-feira, maio 25, 2007

Electric Wizard - BBC Maida Vale Studios (2005)

BBC Session da considerada por muitos a banda mais pesada do mundo. Para a sessão, em Janeiro de 2005, a banda gravou três músicas: 'Dopethrone', do disco homônimo, e 'We Live' e 'Another Perfect Day?', do até então último disco de estúdio do grupo, We Live.

Download: http://lix.in/354cf8

Procol Harum - Procol Harum (1967)

"This is another one of those seminal proto-prog albums that is so instrumental to prog and music in general. One of those obligatory passages from sixties pop to seventies rock, along with Caravan’s debut, Soft Machine’s first two albums and the Nice’s debut. (...) Some of the tracks are silmply incredibly advanced for the times and still sound so solemnly beautiful nowadays: listen to Oustside The Gates OF Cerdes, Repent Walpurgis, and future hit Conquistador, to get a load on how great these guys were working as a unit and breaking ground with almost every track. To call this album full-blown prog is maybe a little quick, though: Kaleidoscope, Mabel and Captain Clack are tracks full of great psychedelic invention that even Floyd or the Beatles would’ve proudly called their own."
(Hugues Chantraine, ProgArchives)

Download: http://lix.in/bb8802

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Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven (2000)

"Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven, the much-anticipated follow-up to Godspeed You Black Emperor's Slow Riot, is a double-disc achievement of four works (each with multiple parts): "Storm," "Static," "Sleep," and "Antennas to Heaven." It is a windfall for any fan of ambient pop, orchestral rock, space rock, or simply lush string arrangements who understands how powerful love, melancholy, and frustration can be. The main complaint voiced by critics of Godspeed's music is that their works just repeat the same pattern: start out sparse and slow, build-build-build, crescendo. While there are certainly crescendos, there is no such predictable pattern repeated among the works on Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven -- it's loaded with dynamics, unexpected sections, strong emotions and beauty."
(Joslyn Layne, AllMusic)

Download: http://lix.in/d332bc

quarta-feira, maio 23, 2007

Colour Haze - CO2 (2000)

"I've heard a lot of great music since we started this site, There is so much talent out there in hard music. Even the stuff that isn't so great, you have to tip your hat to because someone had a dream big enough to put it on a CD. Reviewing makes me feel like an asshole sometimes. I don't want to be the one to crush dreams, but as a heshrock journalist, I must calls 'em as I see's 'em. And for every CD I love, someone else is going to trash. That's just how it is. The magic just don't work for everybody.

So lemme call this one as I see's it.. Germany's Colour Haze is fucking incredible.

Colour Haze is head music....a swirling hybrid of Kyuss, Natas and perhaps the hypnotic ambiance of Spacemen 3, but with an originality to distance themselves from all three....slow lazy guitar jams followed by a valley of bass then mountains of pure distortion. Musicians joining together in elation, luckily captured by recording equipment, something the Grateful Dead did on stage at those rare times, something they called the X factor. No explaining, just three musicians coming together in a syncopated harmony of rhythm and distortion. Singer/guitarist Stefan Kogiek's voice weaves in and out of the music, sometimes cool and mellow, other times drenched in adrenaline."Shine", "Inside" and title track "CO2" are the musical equivalents of tantric ecstasy, radiating an brilliant afterglow long after the CD player stops.. A rare and incredible find."
(Chris Barnes, Hellride Music)

Download: http://lix.in/5ece77

Mogwai - Come On Die Young (1999)

Segundo o wikipédia, Mogwai é uma banda escocesa de post rock. Formado em Glasgow em 1995, o grupo é um dos expoentes do estilo, caracterizado por música instrumental carregada de melodias complexas. O nome da banda tem origem nos personagens Mogwai, do filme Gremlins. Pra mim, música de primeiríssima qualidade, arte antes de mais nada.

Este trata-se do terceiro disco dos caras.

Tracklist: 1 Punk Rock 2 Cody 3 Help Both Ways 4 Year 2000 Non-compliant Cardia 5 Kappa 6 Waltz For Aidan 7 May Nothing But Happiness Come Trough Your Door 8 Oh! How The Dogs Stack Up 9 Ex-Cowboy 10 Chocky 11 Christmas Steps 12 Punk Rock/Puff Daddy/Antichrist

Download: http://lix.in/3e61ef

terça-feira, maio 22, 2007

Funkadelic - Maggot Brain (1971)

"Funkadelic was George Clinton's chance to get serious. Unlike Parliament, Funkadelic exhibited topical lyrics and an almost heavy-metal edge, one that included screeching, distorted guitar and unsettling musical turns. This 1971 album, Funkadelic's second release, catches the ensemble in its early prime. The Hendrix-inspired dramatics come courtesy of Eddie Hazel, while Bernie Worrell admirably handles the keyboard chores. Clinton's humorous, sober lyrics address poverty, race relations, and drug use. Musically, the band covers lots of ground: Everything from smooth soul and heavy rock to abstract psychedelia and straight-on funky grooves has a place, and these jarring shifts are what make the album a revolutionary work."
(Marc Greilsamer, Amazon)

Download: http://lix.in/715865

Jeff Buckley - Grace (1994)

"Jeff Buckley was many things, but humble wasn't one of them. Grace is an audacious debut album, filled with sweeping choruses, bombastic arrangements, searching lyrics, and above all, the richly textured voice of Buckley himself, which resembled a cross between Robert Plant, Van Morrison, and his father Tim. And that's a fair starting point for his music: Grace sounds like a Led Zeppelin album written by an ambitious folkie with a fondness for lounge jazz. At his best -- the soaring title track, "Last Goodbye," and the mournful "Lover, You Should've Come Over" -- Buckley's grasp met his reach with startling results; at its worst, Grace is merely promising."
(Stephen Thomas Erlewine, AllMusic)

Download: http://lix.in/319121

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Mark Lanegan - Whiskey for the Holy Ghost (1994)

"Se 'The Winding Sheet', o primeiro álbum solo de Mark Lanegan, era um disco muito promissor, 'Whiskey For The Holy Ghost' assegura um lugar para Lanegan entre os maiores. Trata-se de um belíssimo álbum, que infelizmente foi descoberto por poucos.

Baseado em influências clássicas da música americana, o folk, o rock, o lamento do blues, a simplicidade do country, 'Whiskey For The Holy Ghost' é um disco absolutamente atemporal. Foi lançado em 1994, como poderia ter sido lançado neste ano ou na década de 70. E é um disco emocionado, de sentimentos expostos, explícitos e palpáveis, e talvez por isso, é um disco extremamente acessível embora não seja um trabalho necessariamente popular." (leia mais)
(Alexandre Luzardo, Dying Days)

Download: http://lix.in/e3b99a

Hand of Doom - Live in Los Angeles: Black Sabbath Tribute (2002)

Do encarte: "Hand of Doom is Molly R. Stern on bass, Pedro Yanowitz on drums, Guy Stevens on guitar, Joey Garfield on gongs and turntables and Melissa Auf der Maur as Ozzy."

Precisa dizer mais? Ah, tem participação especial de Nick Oliveri.

Download: http://lix.in/71308f

Auf der Maur - Auf der Maur (2004)

"Melissa Auf der Maur has the best rolodex in rock: She played bass for both Hole and the Smashing Pumpkins; went to school with Rufus Wainwright; and purportedly counts Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl, Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme and Andrew W.K. among her romantic conquests. Her own record better be good. While Auf Der Maur's self-titled debut doesn't sound anything like either her friends or former employers, it's clear she's picked up a few tricks. Standout tracks "Followed the Waves" and "Real a Lie" storm out of the speakers with shameless arena rock bluster and volcanic urgency. Her lyrics stink (think witches and black light unicorn posters) but she compensates with the sort of million-decibel pterodactyl shriek that makes it hard to notice. And when she tries her hand at a bit of '80s-inspired noise pop with "Would If I Could" the results near My Bloody Valentine envelope pushing brilliance. She was obviously born to do this."
(Aidin Vaziri, Amazon.com)

Download: http://lix.in/758328

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Melvins - Bullhead (1991)

"After three albums filled for the most part with quick song bursts and the occasional longer track, the eight-song long Bullhead found the Melvins stretching out a bit more at points, this time allowing the heavily stoned tempos plenty of time to really sprawl all over the place. There are fewer sudden shifts between fast and slow moments as well, and a lot more pure lava-flow beat-over-head feedback sludge and noise. It's not all ten mph deliberation, though - "Zodiac" shows the trio at full speed and blasting aside anything that might be so foolish as to get in its way, not to mention one unhinged Osbourne vocal lead. If grunge was achieving breakthrough status in Seattle, it was being perfected in its rawest sense on this album. Opening cut "Boris" does all this in excelsis -- the band's longest recorded song at this point, nearly ten minutes long, it practically drips from the bongwater of eight million potheads, with Osbourne invoking his own brand of demons over the deep crawl of the music. Osbourne here really has got the dramatic, theatrical Ozzy Osbourne attitude down, with the occasional double-tracked vocals adding to the off-kilter intensity of the performances. Crover again shows his worth on the drums -- he plays things slow most of the time but, crucially, never once sloppily -- while Black keeps the bass going, however relatively unheard under Osbourne's guitar attack. "It's Shoved" is the not-so-secret highlight of Bullhead, Crover's brisker drum work and Black's sharp bass playing heralding a wild lead-guitar melody and a great ensemble performance. However, efforts like "Anaconda," with its slowly uncoiling power, and the intense "If I Had an Exorcism," which gets all the more wired and wound up as it goes (Black's bass here is some of her best), are no slouches."
(Ned Raggett, All Music Guide)

Download: http://link.pulsix.com/&/595136

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Os Mutantes - Tudo Foi Feito Pelo Sol (1974)

"This is the first album for me to judge from OS MUTANTES. I have no comparison with the former released albums with Rita Lee in the line-up. Excepting the portuguese vocals the music sounds very british - space/psychedelic elements have the priority. Especially the guitars are often similar to MAN albums at this time.

Deixa Entrar Um Pouco D'Agua No Quintal is a very good opener with great variety. Pedro de Medeiros takes care of a strong fusion touch with his bass. Pitágoras is an amazing instrumental. The song has a symphonic flavour depending on the good moog and piano playing by Túlio Mourão. Unfortunately the track is only 7 minutes long. Desanuviar is a psychedelic atmospheric ballad and Sérgio Dias Baptista adds some asian feelings with his suitar at the end. Tudo Foi Feito Pelo Sol belongs to the best songs though the beginning sounds heavily like 'Hold your head up' from ARGENT. But afterwards the band is spinning very sweet melodies supported by beautiful vocals - surprisingly gliding into a groovy bluesy end with guitar playing which remembers me at AGITATION FREE.

The other songs I've not mentioned are also interesting to hear. But not so important for me because they are in a more Rock n' Roll mood. My summary: very enjoyable - an excellent production which can compete with european space/psychedelic productions without any difficulties.
(Uwe Zickel, ProgArchives)

Download: http://www.badongo.com/file/3057116


NOLA (1995)
"The combination of Phil Anselmo and Pepper Keenan should be enough to cause heavy metal fans to drool, but with a full cast made up of members of Pantera, Corrosion of Conformity, Crowbar, and Eyehategod, Down is truly a supergroup, and performs as such. Make no mistake, though, the music inevitably comes back to Anselmo and Keenan. NOLA (an acronym for New Orleans, Louisiana) takes the two superstars' writing talents and distinctive sounds and focuses them in a feast of Cajun-style heavy metal. Like much of Pantera's music, NOLA is lyrically enigmatic and frequently celebrates the use of controlled substances. Glorification of cannabis aside, the album's true focus is inner melancholy and atonement for earlier sins. Keenan's own brand of crunching axework -- the kind that typifies his work with Corrosion of Conformity -- compliments Anselmo's genuinely sorrowful vocals, and the two propel the album to its logical conclusion without the flashy solos or other excesses that often accompany their separate works. The two also combine in a unique way on "Pray for the Locust," an instrumental that was written by Anselmo but consists simply of Keenan on the guitar. From the highly layered "Stone the Crow," the group's only major radio hit, to the ponderous, introspective "Bury Me in Smoke," the members of Down display their abilities to play quality rock & roll outside the comfort of their individual bands. In terms of consistency and sheer rock power, NOLA surpasses all but the very best of the featured artists' other works, and can proudly be embraced in any of the associated bands' catalogs. This is a landmark album that combines the talents of dedicated rock musicians, and should be included in any collection of heavy metal music."
(David Reamer, AllMusic)

Download: http://link.pulsix.com/&/595130

Down II: A Bustle in Your Hedgerow (2002)
"In 1995, some of rock & roll's most notorious--and well-respected--beer drinkers and hell-raisers stepped outside the bounds of their respective bands to form a sort of underground supergroup. That instantly legendary cult band, Down, featuring Pantera's Philip Anselmo and Rex Brown, Corrosion of Conformity's Pepper Keenan, Crowbar's Kirk Windstein and Eye Hate God's Jimmy Bower, shared a common birthplace in New Orleans, a love for Black Sabbath, and if the songs "The Seed" and "Doobinterlude" are any indication, a propensity for a certain leafy substance. On this headbanging, 15-track follow-up to 1995's Nola, Down once again serve up a sludgy, sonic stew of Sabbath-influenced heaviness. Recorded in Louisiana, Down II has the swampy sounds, stoner-rock vibe, and dirt-bag patina of authentic, deeply rooted old-school rock 'n' metal. From the stripped down, gently creepy "Where I'm Going," featuring dobro, farfisa, and Hammond organ to the '70s metallic grind-groove of "Lysergik Funeral Procession" to the Southern-fried midtempo "Stained Glass Cross" to trippier, party-time entries, Down II provides an apt soundtrack for those still celebrating the dazed and confused lifestyle."
(Katherine Turman, Amazon)

Download: http://link.pulsix.com/&/595131

Mammatus - The Coast Explodes

"A quintet out of Corralitos, California (no, me neither), Mammatus wrestle with the legacy of Hawkwind, Black Sabbath, and other progenitors of heavy, brain-glazing rock loco-motion. Plenty of intelligent longhairs trudge down this Orange Amp-strewn path, many doing no more than paying homage while adding nothing new to the style. Mammatus can’t in good conscience be called innovative in this regard, but they do extrapolate on some of the elements laid down by space rock and heavy metal’s pioneers.

Their sophomore album, The Coast Explodes, often curlicues into baroque passages of quasi-classical grandeur with enough panache to straighten Brian May’s hair. On “The Changing Wind,” Mammatus deviate from their norm with a sparse, Wicker Man-like folk ramble featuring pennywhistle (or is it a recorder?), acoustic guitar, and hand percussion. It works surprisingly well, whether you’re into Tolkien or tokin’. This softer, subtler tack—compared to that of Mammatus’ self-titled debut—still casts a potent, eldritch spell. The title track combines this mellower drift with the debut album’s sprawling guitar/bass girth, attaining an expansive, spiritual aura that is usually beyond the grasp of those who throw devil horns unironically. With The Coast Explodes, Mammatus, like labelmates Om, show that ultra-heavy cats can ascend to a higher level of consciousness—bong-assisted or not.
(David Segal, under Curb Your Cynicism)

Tracklist: Dragon of the Deep Part Three (Excellent Swordfight) / Pierce the Darkness / The Changing Wind / The Coast Explodes

Download: http://www.badongo.com/file/3030333