sexta-feira, julho 28, 2006

The Verve - EP (1992)

Eu gosto desse disco e não é pouco.

Tracklist: Gravity Grave / A Man Called Sun / She's a Superstar / Endless Life / Feel



quinta-feira, julho 27, 2006

Witchfinder General - Death Penalty (1982)

"Being described as a NWOBHM band, mainly because they came up in early 80's in Britain, this band was featured on those classic NWOBHM compilations. But now Witchfinder General stands for something else. They are a cult band that is bonded with the creation of the doom-metal genre among with other classic US bands like St. Vitus or Pentagram.

In the scene they came up from, there were other bands that were influenced by Black Sabbath, like Witchfynde, Quartz or Angel Witch, but on Witchfinder General's music, this influence is most evident. They were probably the heaviest band in the scene.

'Death Penalty' is their debut, where there is more of a Sabbathian hard rock influence than on 'Friends of Hell', which is more metal. One could describe their sound as jamming Sabbath doom rock, as the pace is usually more mid paced than slow. The songs are very groovy and they have a slightly psychedelic edge, mostly due do the distinctive style of Phil Cope's guitar work. Vocalist Zeeb Parkes, sings in the caracteristic Ozzy inluenced style, but less tortured and moaning.

The band name and the very cool album cover (a woman -with her dress conveniently torn- being poked by the band members) make it clear that lyrically they are inspired by occult themes. This album was released on CD in 1996. If you are a fan of 80's doom and you are lucky enough to find this album go and get it, it's a classic.

Tracklist: Invisible Hate / Free Country / Death Pentalty / No Stayer / Witchfinder General / Burning a Sinner / R.I.P.



Pentagram - First Daze Here: The Vintage Collection (2002)

"'First Daze here - the vintage collection' is a compilation of early Pentagram recordings dating all the way back to early as 1971. While unknown to most newer fans of doom-metal, Pentagram was a big inspiration on the Doom-metal genre. It can be counted as the first ever band to start playing Doom(y) music, or can be seen as "proto-doom". Heavily influenced by bands like Black Sabbath, Blue Cheer, Uriah Heep, Sir Lord Baltimore and more. Especially in their early days they played a mixture of blues inspired dark, slightly psychedelic doomy rock.

It's an interesting album to go back to the origin of Doom (together with bands like Black Sabbath). This album however is much more than just a, sometimes psychedelic, trip back in time. The twelve re-mastered songs on this album hold some of the best dark rock to come forth from the 70ties. For younger fans it might all be a bit too bluesy, or perhaps even sound a bit outdated. The truth of the matter however is that these songs have no expiration date, and will always appeal to fans of good music. Any Black Sabbath fan or fan of the aforementioned bands is sure to also love Pentagram. This is true 70ties style rock, along with the extensive guitar solo's and the "drugged up" feel.

This is truly a prime compilation, offering some great Pentagram songs and the booklet is nicely completed by words of Geof O'Keefe and, of course, Bobby Liebling. There are also some great old band photo's (although they could have been a bit bigger and more). Overall just a great album to add to your music collection. Compared to albums like 'Be Forewarned' it is a less heavy however.

The more I listen to Pentagram, the more I find it a true shame this band has never achieved anything more than cult status among a select number of doom connoisseurs. This band put out a lot of great music, and Pentagram to this day is still alive and kicking. You sort of can't help but feel awe at some of the musical jewels that keep hidden away from the majority of the public.

Having said all this, I don't think fans of for example My Dying Bride or other second generation Doom will really be into this. Unless your also into Black Sabbath and early 70ties music or are generally musically always interested in something "new" (old in this case) you probably will be bored with this release. To appreciate Pentagram it requires you to both have a beard and at least 2 kids or to be a true doom connoisseur and music lover, always looking for the hidden gems. If you're into Doom rock or stoner rock however and you somehow missed Pentagram: oh my! You need!
(Aldo Quispel @

Tracklist: Forever My Queen / When the Screams Come / Walk in the Blue Light / Starlady / Lazylady / Review your Choices / Hurricane / Livin' In a Ram's Head / Earth Flight / 20 Buck Spin / Be Forewarned / Last Days Here /


quinta-feira, julho 20, 2006

Firebird - 2006 - Hot Wings

Quarto lançamento da banda de Bill Steer (Carcass, Napalm Death). Ainda não ouvi, mas me disseram que tá do caralho. Agradecimentos ao Guilherme pelo up.

Tracklist: Carousel / Good Times / Misty Morning / Play the Fool / Horse Drawn Man / Overnight / Bow Bells / Flying Blind / I Wish You Well / Needle in the Groove / Last Days of August



Black Bonzo - 2004 - Black Bonzo

"It's like a step into the glorious past with influences as diverse as Deep Purple, Queen, Kaipa, Wishbone Ash, Uriah Heep, King Crimson (1st album), very early Camel, and a vastly improved (in my opinion) Moody Blues. Fantastic Mellotron and organ. Classic progressive rock ( Brave Young Soldier, These Are Days of Sorrow, Sirens, Where The River Meets The Sea ), top notch rock ( New Day, Freedom ) and a combination of both ( Fantasy World, Leave Your Burdens, Lady Of The Light ) are what this album is all about."

Tracklist: Lady of the Light / Brave Young Solider / These Are The Days Of Sorrow / New Day - Intermission / Fantasyworld / Freedom / Sirens / Jailbait / Leave Your Burdens / Where The River Meets The Sea