quinta-feira, maio 31, 2007

Drunk Horse - In Tongues (2005)

"There has always been an egregious misunderstanding about The Dark One and his role in music. Somewhere between the rise of Venom and Slayer, people got to thinkin' that Satan was all wrapped up in heavy metal. Sure, The Devil has his spindly fingers on a few choice thrash records, no doubt, but when it comes to music, those in the know agree on one thing: Satan prefers '70s rock. KISS, Deep Purple, Rainbow and Black Sabbath sure as hell didn't make it to the top on talent alone. Mephistopheles played a role in the rise (and subsequent fall) of each of these fabled bands.

If you didn't know better, a few listens to In Tongues would convince you that you'd unearthed a classic gem from several decades past. Rumbling guitars, heinously long solos, markedly pronounced vocals and bong-tokin' riffs drift by in a seemingly endless supply. One thing's for sure -- Drunk Horse have done their homework when it comes to reliving the past, and they take their stoner-driven classic rock to epic extremes.(...)

You can say this much for In Tongues: it's never boring. Its endless supply of Marshall stack smokin' anthems will bring out the guitar hero worshipper in everyone you know. Without the likes of Drunk Horse, you might think that Satan had given up on rock 'n' roll entirely. And without him, rock 'n' roll just wouldn't be very much fun. Thanks, Drunk Horse!"
(Andrew Magilow, Splendid Magazine)

Download: http://lix.in/1eec22

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Anônimo disse...

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