sexta-feira, maio 18, 2007

Auf der Maur - Auf der Maur (2004)

"Melissa Auf der Maur has the best rolodex in rock: She played bass for both Hole and the Smashing Pumpkins; went to school with Rufus Wainwright; and purportedly counts Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl, Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme and Andrew W.K. among her romantic conquests. Her own record better be good. While Auf Der Maur's self-titled debut doesn't sound anything like either her friends or former employers, it's clear she's picked up a few tricks. Standout tracks "Followed the Waves" and "Real a Lie" storm out of the speakers with shameless arena rock bluster and volcanic urgency. Her lyrics stink (think witches and black light unicorn posters) but she compensates with the sort of million-decibel pterodactyl shriek that makes it hard to notice. And when she tries her hand at a bit of '80s-inspired noise pop with "Would If I Could" the results near My Bloody Valentine envelope pushing brilliance. She was obviously born to do this."
(Aidin Vaziri,


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Anônimo disse...

thanks for this have never heard it but like her other bads so i thought i would give it a go