terça-feira, setembro 25, 2007

Dozer - Madre de Dios (2001)

"The new Dozer is killer. Full blown rock explosion reminiscent of Unida, early Monster Magnet...straight ahead rock and roll with vocals that remind me of John Garcia from time to time...that over the top fuzzed out high energy rock with blues leads thrown in left and right. The thing I like about Dozer on this new CD is the simplistic approach of the songs. Heavy- yes, but straight forward with very little in the way of tricks, or changes I should say. All the songs seem to truck along with balls and never seem to let up once. The duel guitar sound is thick and fuzzy, tuned down low and sludged out. The bass and drums thicken up the whole sound and vocals are right up front and barely over the top of the whole mix...not too loud, just right. I guess Unida came to mind first off because of the vocal style of Fredrik, who also doubles on guitar, and the simple fat riffs...don't get me wrong though, this is no carbon copy of Unida or Kyuss. This stuff rocks on it's own ground and has sometimes obvious influences, but what band doesn't now a days? Good solid rock record for sure. Song 9 "TX-9" is probably the mellowest song on the whole CD if there was one. It starts out with a more psychedelic attack that isn't so chuggy and punishing. Light and airy StonerRock if you will. With a slower start, this song cruises along at a medium pace with wah sounding guitar, but not a riding wah sound, more like it was positioned at one setting...lots of wide open spaces and trippy effects...a real nice change to the overall album feel. Another fine release from Man's Ruin and I am looking forward to everyone leaving the house soon so I can stick it in the loud stereo upstairs and crank it up to 10...or 11." - (Robwrong, StonerRock.com)

URL: http://welcome.to/dozer

Download: http://lix.in/379540

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vistoso disse...

to viciado nessa banda!!! ja to baixando!!! som muito loco!!!

Anônimo disse...

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