domingo, setembro 23, 2007

Dozer - In the Tail of a Comet (2000)

Fat, warm and fuzzy! That’s how I would describe Dozer’s sound, especially the excessively fuzzed out guitars.. "In the Tail of a Comet" is one of these records that you can listen to really loud with headphones and it doesn’t hurt your ears at all.. The production is too muddy, the guitars are too fuzzy and the bass is too loud!! And this is why it sounds so good, so warm and so easy on the ears. I love this stuff as you can tell, I much prefer Dozer’s type of sound over any tinny, eardrum peircing heavy metal even if it doesn’t turn out as clear and crisp on disc.

"In the Tail of a Comet" is Dozer’s debut full length album and it clocks in at 9 songs in just under 40 minutes… That’s 40 minutes of super groovy Kyuss and Fu Manchu inspired Swedish Fuzz Rock anthems that you can get down and boogie to. The range of songs do tend to ‘all sound the same’ on the first several listens if you’re not really paying attention.. But if you lie back with a good quality set of headphones with the bass cranked right up you start to understand a lot more where these guys are coming from.. On closer listen the dynamics in these 9 songs become much more evident. Dozer like to use a lot of creative vocal effects, there are lots of different tempos, and even some really enjoyable, and ultra-fuzzy guitar solos.. I must say that I much preferred the slower tempo songs like “Riding the Machine” and “High Roller” because of their flowing, organic textures and desert rock inspired mellow grooves.
(Dan Beland,


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cara!! eu nao conhecia essa banda!! boa pra caralho!!! parabens pelo post!!!