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Siena Root - Live at Rockpalast / Crossroads (24.03.2006)

Eu não sei o nome do cara que entrou no lugar da Sanya (e nem tou a fim de saber, na verdade) para cantar em Far From The Sun, mas eu sei que eles perderam MUITO em tirar a gata do posto. Achei esses vídeos no YouTube, duma apresentação da banda no Rockpalast em 2006. Nem sei se é o show inteiro, mas ouvir Coming Home e Shine na voz da Sanya é do caralho.

01. Ridin' Slow

02. Shine

03. Blues 276

04. Mountain I

05. There and Back Again

06. Reverberations
Parte I:
Parte II:

07. The Rat

08. Coming Home

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Tiago Matias disse...

Cara, eu gostei pra caralho do vocal novo. Mas não posso dizer se é um homem ou uma mulher. É uma voz bem hibrida...

6070Rock !!!! disse...

Ae malucada, tô de volta !!!


♪ Tálitha ♪ disse...

o vocal ta diferente mesmo mas o som tá do caralho! a voz do cara tem um que de feminino mesmo rs

Anônimo disse...

alguem sabe onde encontrar este show em alta resolução, por favor?

My Family disse...

Siena Root is a Swedish fourpiece that’s been filling houses in the Stockholm underground scene since the end of the last century.Wellness The classic but original sound is based on heavy organ,Cloud Computing Services strat leads, bass riffing and big drums with bluesy soulful vocals on top.

unknown disse...

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unknown disse...

Siena Root is a group and an experimental project with its roots in analogue old school rock music. The foundation is a trio from Stockholm that's been around since the late 90s. The sound is classic but yet original, founded on heavy organ, strat leads, bass riffing and big drums. It is also often enriched with bluesy soulful vocals, indian classical instruments and psychedelic vibes.

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Anônimo disse...

Runners who are members of NYRR can gain entry by meeting the qualifications for guaranteed entry or via nomination from an official running club. Based in Athens, Greece, we have a good reason to be extra passionate about what we do, as the name of our city.

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MCA disse...

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