quinta-feira, agosto 02, 2007

Rising Dust - Rising Dust (2005)

RISING DUST is a Doom trio comprised of David (guitars/vocals), Steff (bass) and Malek (drums) – from France. Their roots clearly lie at: BLACK SABBATH, SAINT VITUS, PENTAGRAM, THE OBSESSED, TROUBLE and DEATH SS, classical Doom that is. (...) It’s old-fashioned as hell, the production stale and the song titles really clichéd in a nice way. The vocalist sounds as weird/original as Steve Sylvester in DEATH SS’ glory days. And yet I like this album better than many tuned and ho so technically boasting works… RISING DUST have soul and like to play and they come across as credible. They don’t have an image, no special outfit, they play Doom coming right from the heart! (Ralf, The Metal Observer)

Download: http://lix.in/455b3e

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vistoso disse...

esse eh um dos melhores albuns q eu tive o prazer de conhecer nos ultimos meses!!!nao conhecia a banda e pela capa feinha nem dava muito !! mas o som eh muito bom!!foda!!paguei lingua!!!

darkhung disse...

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darkhung disse...

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