quinta-feira, julho 12, 2007

The Obsessed - The Church Within (1994)

There's a certain AC/DC quality to the Obsessed; one knows what to expect and it's okay. Though there's some damn-near thrash moments on The Church Within, the record stays true to the Obsessed blueprint of Volume 4: riffing, monotone vocals, and expressive, intelligent lead playing. Far from sounding tired, the formula is used for maximum effect -- check out "Blind Lightning," perhaps the hardest crush the group have ever committed to tape, or the dissonant doom of "Mourning" for examples. Originally released stateside as their major label debut, it's comforting that the Obsessed didn't change or conform their sound one bit on The Church Within -- it's heavy without apology.
(Matthew Kantor, AllMusic)

Download: http://lix.in/c82e36

2 comentários:

dr frankNfurter disse...

another great album!

hs24 disse...

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